The mobotour story

In a former life, our Chief Revenue Officer Jon Mitchell served as a sergeant for the Atlanta Police Department. He picked up some off-duty security officer jobs on the side, which had him spending nights patrolling neighborhoods, retail stores and other locations. He quickly discovered that a lack of proper technology left security details without the tools to effectively tour and report on the properties in their charge. At the time, legacy “wand and pipe” technology proved too expensive for many clients. You might say this was Jon’s “aha” moment.

Jon approached one neighborhood association he was working with to consider a QR code scanning solution. The vision? A digital tool that worked on almost any mobile device, leveraged simple QR codes to register locations visited and a secure, flexible portal to share, search and report. Immediately, Brian, Dustin and Maheep were onboard and headlong into product development. Two weeks later, the first iteration of mobotour was born.

Today, mobotour mobile workforce reporting solutions support more than 250 customers across many industries, both in the U.S. and globally. With our eyes firmly set on world domination, mobotour is transforming the mobile workforce technology business model with a simple, highly effective reporting tool that’s unmatched in its affordability and time to value.

It’s time for the software paradigm to fundamentally shift. Organizations need to keep a standard price, simplicity, and continue increasing the value for customers with the technology they build. We were fortunate to prove out our revolutionizing business model in the security industry and are now seeing that same model prove successful in other industries as well. We will change the world and how organization consumers feel about technology. mobotour will be the only choice.

Dustin Laun

CEO, mobotour