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All your security incident reporting needs minus complexity. Unlimited reports and submissions with real-time notifications

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From an accountability standpoint, [the officers] know that it’s going to
work and they don’t have to be afraid of something not going into the portal
and then having to go back and check it again.

Harry Mercer

Directory Security, Allied Universal - Security Magazine

Security Incident Reporting Software for the New Generation

All you need is a phone, tablet, and a connection to be up and running in seconds. Manage the incident reports you want your security guards to submit from anywhere in the world in seconds. No complicated setup and simple to use features.

Security Incident Reporting & Verification

Are your security guards performing the duties they are paid to do? Is your facility being monitored and incidents reported in a timely fashion? How do you know? Are you able to share critical incident reports with your clients real-time? The mobotour security incident reporting software makes all this possible and more with no training necessary.

Get Started in Minutes

  • Install the mobile app
  • Configure Incident Reports
  • Schedule Reports
  • Submit Reports
  • Receive Real-time Data in your inbox
  • Login to mobotour
  • Review the Data & Done!

Simple, Robust Feature Set

  • IOS&Android(Phones/Tablets)
  • Simple Incident Reports Builder
  • Photo/Video/Audio Capture
  • PDFs Sent to Email
  • Offline Capabilities
  • Real-Time
  • Search All Data
  • Tagging & Tasks

Use Cases & Benefits

  • Incident Reporting
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Daily Activity Reports
  • Post Order Management
  • Inspection Reporting
  • Attendance Reporting
  • Mobile & Guard Patrols
  • Client Retention


With the mobotour security incident reporting software you are able to have your security guards and their patrols submit incident data in real-time. You know where your security guards are with our GPS capability, ensuring they are accomplishing the tasks your customers and leadership expect. mobotour security incident reporting software enables immediate notifications to be sent to necessary parties. Onsite reporting of incidents is made easy as security guards patrol their locations; there is no need to wait until the security guards have completed their patrol to get critical incident reports and information to your clients – Scan points, photo, video, and reports are captured immediately for online viewing and scheduling.

mobotour security incident reporting software offers the most simplistic options with zero training needs for your security guards. They are up and reporting in seconds. Have all the power without the complexity of other software all with a mobile app and web portal.

We have excelled in understanding the need for an advanced software that focuses on ease of use so that personnel can pick up and become fluent immediately.

mobotour security incident reporting software contains all the functionalities to propel a security guard team from one that collects data to one that becomes an integrated part of their client’s daily process and therefore invaluable.

The mobotour incident reports generated from the app are available immediately and can be sent directly to those who require to receive critical information discovered while patrolling their respective locations. We have moved well beyond the legacy systems, eliminating the need to pick up pipes or wands to download information. Management is kept up to date with real-time reports.

Ensure your agreed upon service levels are met – Secure your place ahead of the competition and start mobotouring today!

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The customer service and product
is phenomenal!! Mobotour has
really helped us elevate to the
next level with ease. Our clients are
very happy with the reports that
they receive via Mobotour!

Akilah Johnson

Banneret Security Inc.

Excellent Service and equipment.
Mobotour is a great team! It has
really helped our company move to
the next level.

George Jones

Protect Security, LLC

MoboTour is an excellent platform
for customers who are seeking a
guard tour and paperless reporting
application. The ease of use for
someone with moderate PC skills is
high, and technical support is
excellent. Locally, we have been
using the MoboTour platform for
about a year and have experienced
nothing but positive customer
feedback, to include the flexibility
of the software, and ease of
to fit customer needs.

David Blake

Allied Universal